Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Learning is fun

I've learned a lot from this project. Firstly that problems at the beginning of a project can have major consequences on the entire project dynamic. Nat has been more of a producer than me for this project.

Secondly things always take more time than you think they will. We've had to cut back on our ideas a lot to get this project done. I suppose that's the issue when you try to plan something before actually knowing how to do it. We've been learning as we go along, and so our plan has changed along the way to reflect that.

Obviously I've learned that I have to work a lot more on modelling and texturing. Especially texturing. I feel like if the project were to be started again I could do the models again I would be able to improve on them a lot. Gotta keep practicing and getting better until I can do it to an industry standard. And without horrible distortion like on my gas canister.

I've learned that I quite enjoy lighting and how light acts on a scene, I'm definitely thinking about specializing in lights and shaders. I spoke a bit about how I could improve my lighting for the scene in the last post. I'm going to look in to lots of different methods for lighting and how they work.

The other possibility for my specialist pathway is modelling. I've got a bit of a feel for it now and it's very satisfying. I think the more I do the more I'll figure out whether it's what I want to do or not, but for now I feel like it would be a good way to go.

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